Art + Food + NFTs = Connecting
People from Everywhere.

Enter RiceDay’s incredible culinary world where Web3 tech combines fun, cute and culturally inspired 3d art with real world utility for any foodie to love.

Supply: 8866

How delicious is my Rice?

There are trillions of possibilities, but we chose the best 8866 dishes to be served. RiceDay NFTs aren’t just a visual experience, but also a unique culinary adventure.

The combination of NINE different components on each Rice will create succulent flavours that will awaken all of your senses.

To determine the uniqueness of each RiceDay, we used the 4 core elements of food: TASTE, TOUCH, AROMA, and DECOR.

Within these 4 elements, we have subcategories with a precise hierarchy to help identify rarity easily. So you can know how delicious your Rice is!



Hair & Body


Eyes, Mouth,
Head & Body Accessory




Stickers L & R